Saturday, November 25, 2006

Secrets of the Peloton Interview

I recently had the pleasure of giving an exclusive interview to Secrets of the Peloton, home of Anthony Pope's Plastic Peloton People. I've been a fan of Anthony's wit and humor since I first noticed his work appearing in Pro Cycling Magazine and I appreciate having had the chance to speak with him.

On another note, I rode my bike today for the second time in four months. At first I thought that I was in even worse shape than I'd imagined, because my back and shoulders were so unfomfortable, but then I realized that Mike Fraysse had accidentally replaced my 12cm stem with a 13cm model after he'd loaned out my old Fuji while I was in Italy. Since Simone Biasci wanted 1800 euros for my 2006 Whistle team bike, a price I couldn't - and wouldn't pay - the only option after I came back across the pond was a 2 year-old Fuji team issue frame with Campag (and no Bora wheels). Thank god I didn't sell this Fuji during my liquidation sale.

I've been going to the gym regularly and getting back into good form, despite having two dinners on Thursday! Thanksgiving was nice, my brother David was in town with his girlfriend Jenn for a few days and we had some rare time together, and I also reconnected with the Bruns family in Mt. Lebanon. Dave is a great guy and I'm so proud of everything that he's achieved in his life, especially in light of all the grief he caught from me growing up. Ask him about playing Nerf football punt return in the backyard as kids...

Finally, I booked tickets to Mexico and points beyond. I'm leaving on December 1 and will be incommunicado for two weeks or so. Hopefully I won't turn up on CNN and can find some concrete answers to Yuliet's situation.

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  1. I can't say much about the backyard Nerf football games besides that I got my ass handed to me many of times! Somehow, Joe was able to kick that stupid Nerf ball high enough into the air that by the time I finished concentrating on catching the ball, I was starting to concentrate on catching my breath (as it was knocked out of me) and picking myself up off the ground. For some reason, I said, "Lets do it again."

    During a Sunday night football game where the San Diego Chargers were playing, I heard a snipet about Ladainian Tomlinson (LT), their superstar running back. It was about how when he was young he loved playing backyard football because he could practice all his moves and make his 5 friends playing all miss tackling him. That must have been the first time I was envious of someone else's skills at backyard football...


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