Friday, October 27, 2006

Until last week, it was 17 years since I last went to church or thought about God in any manner other than to say, "God damn." However, with the horror and pain of Yuliet's disappearance, well, you can imagine that I'm thinking about God a lot right now. I wanted to share this compassionate prayer that was said on behalf of Yuliet and me by a concerned friend...

"Father you are so strong and miraculous. You are the Creator of everything. You can do all Things, you are a Mountain mover. Father forgive us for our sins Lord. We all have sins that we are not proud of Lord just take all of our sins. Carry them for us Lord... Forgive us now. We thank you Jesus that you died for us so that we may be forgiven. We thank you Lord Jesus that you are always there, when we think you aren't. I thank you for listening to our prayer and forgiving us. Thank you for our life that we have. Thank you for the blessings of all we can do. Lord please be with Yuliet, please LORD bring her back to Joe safe and sound with open arms if it be your will. Please Lord give Yuliet and Joe your strength at this time Lord. I pray Lord that they know you as I do, a Loving Forgiving God that will always be there for us. Even in times like these. I pray all these things in your name... Amen"

So I really appreciated that prayer, and as I struggle to come to terms to what has happened to Yuliet and what it means for our futures, I will keep this close to my heart.

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